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On 14 October 2014 the opening of the WTO Expertise Center was officially launched. The Center was established by resolution of the RF government with the aim to provide expert support of Russias WTO membership.

Among the top priorities of the WTO Expertise Center is provision of expert support in the most complicated area current WTO disputes mediation. In the middle term a national expert base on WTO issues will be formed with the Centers support.

Alexey V. Ulyukaev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
WTO Expertise Center

15.12.2014 23:00:41 Russia's trade envoy in Germany Andrei Zverev stated that half of the trade projects run by Russian Foreign Trade Office, and project initiatives that were planning to launch in 2015, have been frozen.
Russian, German Businesses Hurt by Sanctions, Need a Restart: Trade Envoy (Sputnik, 15 December)
12.12.2014 23:26:41 A trillion dollar deal at the World Trade Organisation to reduce tariffs in the vast information technology sector will stand or fall in the next 24 hours, trade diplomats said on Thursday. UPDATE 2-Trillion dollar IT trade deal on a knife-edge at the WTO (Reuters, 12 December 2014)
01.12.2014 22:14:41 Russia and Iran should develop a way to use their own currencies in mutual trade, Russian minister of economic development said.
Russia, Iran Want to Start Making Mutual Payments in National Currencies (Sputnik, 1 December 2014)
25.11.2014 22:10:41 Vietnam could become the first country to conclude a free trade zone agreement with the Eurasian Customs Union, according to Russian President Putin.
Putin: Eurasian Customs Union, Vietnam Close to Create Free Trade Zone (Sputnik, 25 November, 2014)
21.11.2014 22:36:41 Trade between Russia and China during first ten months of 2014 grew 7-10 percent and was $78.890 billion compared to the same period last year, according to Ling Ji, a senior official in the Chinas Ministry of Commerce.
Russia-China Trade Grows 7-10% in 10 Months: Chinese Official (Sputnik, 21 November, 2014)

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