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ЂThe WTO membership gives the opportunity to defend our interests in a civilized and legal wayї
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during the report to the State Duma on government performance in 2011
(ITAR-TASS, April 11, 2012)

19.08.2014 23:15:41 Poland has submitted a request for consideration in the WTO on the Russian embargo
Russian sanctions will also be discussed at the negotiations of the Minister of agriculture of Poland Marek Sawicki with European Commissioner for trade Karel de Gucht (ITAR-TASS, 19 August 2014)
18.08.2014 23:22:41 The government has prepared a list of new sanctions against the US and the EU
The Russian government has prepared a list of new sanctions against the United States and the European Union (Forbes, 18 August 2014)
25.07.2014 23:17:41 Russia's Permanent Representative to the WTO: Russia may start proceedings in respect of U.S. sanctions
Restrictions imposed by the U.S. to violate rules of the world trade organization, said Russia's permanent representative to the WTO (ITAR-TASS, 25 July 2014)
25.07.2014 23:06:41 Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and other countries supported position of the Russian Federation in the WTO
Several countries, including Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba, supported the position of Russia at the meeting of the WTO General Council (Ria-Novosti, 25 July 2014)
22.07.2014 23:50:41 The WTO has established arbitration panel on claims between Russia and EU
claims on the EU energy adjustments, and the EU on the legality of the ban on deliveries of European pork (Prime, 22 July 2014)

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